Teens: Top Ten Songs

I feel as if adults think they know what teens enjoy. They think they got teens figured out. My good friend, your not even close. As a teen myself, I’m still finding my way to adulthood. I want to know what songs to hear, books to read, novels to write, and places to see. I searched up the top 10 songs a teen would love and what came up was completely different. They were the old songs no one would like anymore. Now If you want to hear good music, I suggest to carry on reading. These are songs that I personally like as a teenager and I think other teens would like them too. Next to each song, I explained why I loved it so much and why you will like it too! Enjoy!

Top Ten Songs For A Teen:

  1. Fight Song- Rachel Platten (This song is very inspiring for not just teens, but for everyone. Trust me, it’s a very inspirational song and very catchy and beautiful too. Many of you teens go through depression and this song will lift your spirits high!)
  2. Runaway (U&I)- Galantis (This song has a catchy beat and it’s great for teens. This is my favorite song and it’s also in the Paper Towns Soundtrack. I have yet to seen that movie but I’m still dreaming about it. Anyway, listen to it, you’ll love it!)
  3. This Summer’s Gonna Hurt- Maroon 5 (This song has a bit of foul language in it but it’s still a great song. It’s good for the summer vibe too.)
  4. Search Party- Sam Bruno (In all seriousness, you all have to hear this song. It’s super catchy and my second favorite song. It gives you the best summer vibe and you will feel like dancing! Saying this in advance: Your welcome. It’s a great song and represents a teen’s freedom.)
  5.  Marvin Gaye- Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor (I heard this song before it was even on the charts and the first time I listened to it, I was getting ready for school, and I immediately fell in love. I played it on repeat and sang along! It has an old school vibe but it’s still amazing. It’s also named after Marvin Gaye himself! Great right?)
  6. Fire and Gold- Bea Miller (This song is perfect for teens because it gives you a boost of confidence and it just really lights a fire in your eyes.)
  7. Radio- Santigold (Not only is this song catchy but it’s just great in general. It gives you a boost of happiness and I personally love this song like you have no idea!)
  8. Pity Party- Melanie Martinez (We all have those days when we feel anxious and depressed. People say to listen to happy songs but we are just in a mood to feel sad. This song will definitely help you with that. When I was going through a breakup, I had this song on repeat and the message in this song was that it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself. Enjoy!)
  9. Photograph- Ed Sheeran (I love to sing to this song because it is calm yet very beautiful. Listen to the lyrics and you will fall in love)
  10. Like I’m Going to Lose You- Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend- (This song is just so beautiful. It tells you to not waste love and to hold onto it as long as you can because you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.)

So that is the top ten songs and feel free to comment your thoughts and if you liked any of the songs. Also, share with me some of your favorite songs so I can listen to it too! I’m always ears for a good song! Thank you for reading this post and hopefully, you’ll listen to some of the songs listed! Remember to follow me and like this post. 🙂


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